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We have a truly dedicated and integrated global IT and Outsourcing practice, comprised of over 100 lawyers and partners across our global network of offices and practice areas specialising in IT and outsourcing transactions.

Our teams advising on complex IT and outsourcing transactions more often than not are made up of lawyers from across our network, relocating to other jurisdictions for periods of time in order to support particular deals when necessary. These deals require an integrated legal team across specialist areas and global offices, with tried and tested experience in management of large-scale projects. Clifford Chance is one of a very limited number of law firms able to meet these challenges.

Our global group meets regularly and team members participate in these transactions in a seamless way. We share information, knowledge and recent developments across our offices, which helps us establish a common approach to outsourcing assignments and consistent high quality.

We are able to staff outsourcing transactions around the world as needed, whether with outsourcing specialists or lawyers across our global network of offices in such areas as corporate, litigation, employment, tax and finance who regularly work in this field. Because our outsourcing teams are all multi-disciplined we are able to identify and advise on issues outside the "normal" outsourcing area, for example, on the impact of financial services regulations and employment law on deal structures. Our ability to provide broad and rounded advice is further enabled by our experience of acting for suppliers and customers on outsourcing transactions. As such we are typically involved in the key commercial decision-making processes.

What makes our model so successful is that clients place a premium on lawyers who have experience of structuring and negotiating transactions in this area, above even knowledge of local law. This is because for these deals to stand the best chance of working in practice, they need to reflect how parties will interact and work together on an operational level. A detailed understanding of the technology and processes behind the deal is therefore more important than a detailed understanding of local law, and the Clifford Chance team is able to provide just that. Our team members frequently structure and negotiate contracts under foreign legal systems, and then get input from local lawyers regarding issues arising under local law. This means we are able to support projects under almost any applicable law, working alongside local lawyers.