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Alerter: Finance Industry

Daily updates on the global financial services markets

The complexity and speed of change of the financial markets can cause information overload

To counter this, Alerter: Finance Industry sends you concise email digests of 'must know' legislative and regulatory developments from around the world. This information is personalised to suit the jurisdictions and industry sectors of most interest to you.

Each alert highlights the key issues, saving you time and helping you to focus on the implications for your business. Links to more in-depth materials, third party websites and Clifford Chance experts are also included.

The service provides you with daily updates on the global financial services markets, direct from key international centres. Designed to meet the needs of professionals with legal and compliance responsibilities, the service is also used by governmental relations and other business users.

Alerts focus on legislative, regulatory and market changes in banking, insurance and investment services.

Alerter: Finance Industry is a Clifford Chance Premium Service. You can personalise your preferences so the email updates cover the jurisdictions and industry sectors which are of interest and relevant to your business.

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Alerter Finance Industry


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