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Clifford Chance

Transaction Toolkit

Digital Solution

New ways of working offer the potential to improve our legal operations across the board. Here at Clifford Chance, we pride ourselves on being early adopters. Our mission is to achieve the highest standard in legal service delivery, creating the greatest possible value for our clients.

Our Transaction Toolkit includes set of smart technologies for our matter delivery, that we can apply on all matters every time, templated for each work type. These include:

  • Collaboration and document sharing
  • Document review
  • Project management and CP checklists management
  • Proof-reading and document comparison
  • Automated document assembly

Using our core tech stack, we build solutions and take care of compliance and security using our core tech stack. To find out more about how we manage content securely, refer to our Certified Information Assurance page.


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Our approach is rooted in collaboration. To us, that means working in tandem with our clients to ensure that we deliver solutions that are unique to their needs while also supplying our lawyers with the most efficient and modern ways of working. Contact Anthony Vigneron to find out more

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Driving efficiencies in our legal services

The way we work with technology sets us apart in transforming legal service delivery. Engaging with our clients and business partners, we creatively combine our core technology solutions with flexible application to deliver efficiencies, better collaboration, and faster completion of work.

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