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Clifford Chance

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Working together to protect and create your sustainable growth

Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") factors have fast risen to the top of the board agenda with companies increasingly aware that a failure to address these matters can be detrimental to their businesses, both financially and reputationally.

We advise clients the world over on sustainable business transition and transformation, offering global coverage and technical excellence in the major aspects of ESG.

The climate emergency, imperative social issues, and increased importance of effective governance require advice and support from the forefront of ESG developments, as part of achieving the Just Transition. Our team is on hand to enable business transition and to protect and create your sustainable growth.

The Promise of a Positive Legacy

This report draws attention to the human rights strategies developed by all 22 cities across the United Bid, recognizing the important work done by a wide range of contributors and the key commitments and undertakings of the cities. The city submissions, which are publicly available, are voluminous, and this report aims to present the information in ways that will increase the accessibility of the material to a wide variety of stakeholders.

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Market leading lawyers at the forefront of ESG developments

ESG is an opportunity for your business to lead change in creating sustainable growth for your stakeholders.

Our industry-leading teams bring creative thinking to ESG-related opportunities. We help our clients to mitigate risk and make effective decisions about issues at the top of the boardroom agenda.

We understand the shifting pressures and expectations around ESG practices, as well as the evolving legal and regulatory requirements and obligations.

Working together with you on your ESG priorities

We work together with clients to find the right business solutions, navigating the complexities of ESG.

We help our clients to prioritise the right opportunities with confidence and to take the right actions in areas where they are most exposed.

We are at the heart of industry, sector and policy Forums and best practice evolution, which in turn helps us to help you address your specific challenges and opportunities.




Protecting and creating your sustainable growth

We will never shy away from bringing constructive challenge to the table. This helps our clients to put sustainable growth ahead of unsustainable fixes.

Our innovative approach fully embraces the 'just transition', creating value and opportunities for workers in a more sustainable, low-carbon world.







Delivering a Trade and Climate Agenda

Clifford Chance has collaborated with the World Economic Forum on the publication, Delivering a Trade and Climate Agenda. The report finds that while businesses are actively pursuing emissions reductions, action on trade policy can help accelerate this shift. The report outlines eight ways in which trade policy can help businesses accelerate the transition to net-zero.

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