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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Sustainability and ESG

Working together to protect and create your sustainable growth

The climate emergency and imperative social issues have catalysed significant regulatory and structural changes in markets, positioning Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") at the top of the board agenda.

We provide support as businesses pursue the opportunities presented by the exponential growth of sustainable finance and investment opportunities, action on emissions, climate tech, innovation and infrastructure to facilitate the energy transition, and the promotion of human rights, talent and diversity in the workforce across businesses and supply chains.

Core to business resilience in a time of change, are corporate governance frameworks that support coherent management of the opportunities and risks associated with a just transition to a carbon neutral or negative future. We advise clients internationally and locally as they incorporate ESG into business strategies and implement ESG in operations, supply chains and business relationships throughout value chains.

We support businesses as they seek to transition to net zero and invest in new clean or low carbon businesses or products.

We provide advice on comprehensive ESG management, implementing net zero strategies, identifying risks and obligations such an increasing reporting disclosure and due diligence requirements on ESG matters, to assistance with litigation, dispute and reputation risks arising from ESG, where effective stakeholder engagement is increasingly paramount.

Our team is on hand to enable your business transition and to protect and create your sustainable growth.

About our Sustainability and ESG Services

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Sustainability & ESG Trends 2024

ESG issues are having a significant impact on businesses globally. Against the prevailing backdrop of continued political and economic uncertainty and rising geopolitical tensions, we look ahead and assess the challenges and opportunities on a range of strategic issues, from regulations on corporate sustainability reporting and transition planning, the evolution of sustainable finance and the role of carbon markets in funding net zero, to the increase in ESG-related litigation.

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How can we help you?

Protecting and creating your sustainable growth

We help you lead change as you seize ESG opportunities while managing material ESG risks, supporting the creation and protection of long-term sustainable growth for your stakeholders.

We will never shy away from bringing constructive challenge to the table. This helps you put sustainable transition ahead of unsustainable, short-term fixes.

Our cohesive approach fully embraces a just transition, creating value and opportunities for stakeholders in a more sustainable, low-carbon world.

Market leading lawyers at the forefront of ESG developments

Our industry-leading teams bring creative thinking to ESG drawing on developments occurring across different sectors and markets, enabling you to anticipate and mitigate risks and make effective decisions about top boardroom issues.

We bring you both the international and local perspectives on shifting ESG market pressures and expectations, helping to synthesise and streamline responses to evolving regulatory and legal requirements.

Working together with you on your ESG priorities

We work together with you to find the right solutions for your business and your relevant business relationships in the supply chain and the value chain.

We are at the heart of ESG policy and industry sector forums, monitoring and influencing best practice evolution, which in turn helps us to help you address your specific opportunities and challenges.

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Webinar: Sustainability reporting across borders – Best practice in addressing global trends

Our international panel explored some of the themes arising from overlapping – and sometimes conflicting – sustainability reporting requirements around the world, including in the UK, EU, the US and APAC. In this webinar, we discussed scoping, privilege and enforcement, all with an eye on how to maximise alignment across your business.


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