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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

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ESG European Perspectives Series


Gender Balance on Corporate Boards: Targets for Equal Representation across Europe (March 2023)

Clifford Chance and PWN Global (Professional Women's Network Global) hosted 'Gender Balance on Corporate Boards: Targets for Equal Representation across Europe'.  A member of the European Commission Cabinet for Equality and a panel of experts discussed the draft legislation, examined how companies and governments will look at implementation, and considered the impact on companies and their culture and strategies, as well as the wider social impact.

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Enabling the Voluntary Carbon Market in the Context of the Paris Agreement

This paper considers the state of the Paris mechanisms and the VCM, examines actual and perceived barriers to its scaling and identifies recommendations for the way forward.

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The Promise of a Positive Legacy

This report draws attention to the human rights strategies developed by all 22 cities across the United Bid, recognizing the important work done by a wide range of contributors and the key commitments and undertakings of the cities. The city submissions, which are publicly available, are voluminous, and this report aims to present the information in ways that will increase the accessibility of the material to a wide variety of stakeholders.

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