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Inclusion & diversity

To be the global law firm of choice we believe the rich variety of ethnicity, culture and heritage across the globe needs to be reflected in our firm.

We believe that inclusion and diversity are core values. We see these issues as a matter of fairness and justice and therefore as a core value of both Clifford Chance and the law. We know that the best teams are diverse and inclusive, and that people flourish in an environment where they are supported in expanding their careers.

Our current and future success is dependent upon us continuing to build and nurture deeper roots in the communities in which we operate which means diversity is also an economic imperative for Clifford Chance. A diversity of life experiences, cultures, backgrounds and histories allows us to build better teams which can provide the most innovative advice and solutions for our clients. It is the richness of our different cultures and histories that walk through the doors of our offices, on every continent every day, that is the essential ingredient to our global success.  

Black and Thriving in the UAE

Middle East

We are delighted to have sponsored the UAE Black Professionals Network's Black History Month event. Attendees engaged in an open, honest and meaningful discussion. The discussion centred around how to thrive as a Black professional and advance diversity and inclusion at all levels. We look forward to working closer with the UAE Black Professionals Network in the near future. 

Clifford Chance Scholarship for Diverse Students in Europe

Continental Europe

We are proud to champion the Scholarship for Diverse Students in Europe as part of our REACH (Race Equality And Celebrating Heritage) diversity and inclusion initiative.

The Clifford Chance Scholarship for Diverse Students in Europe aims at improving social mobility within the legal sector, and ensuring that our workforce better represents the social and economic diversity across Continental Europe and increase inclusion in our law firm and in the legal sector in general. Hear more about Héloïse Tan one of our 2022 recipients.

South East Asian Heritage Month


We had a fantastic time celebrating South Asian Heritage Month in collaboration with Poet in the City.

The evening featured artists, poets and performers from across the diaspora all celebrating the influence of South Asian arts and culture in the UK!

Six law firms collaborate to support launch of the Black Equity Organisation, the UK’s new national Black British civil rights organisation


We've collaborated with five law firms to assist with the development and launch of the Black Equity Organisation (BEO), a new national and independent civil rights group created to advance justice and equity for Black people in Britain.

Chinwe Odimba-Chapman, Executive Leadership Group Member and Global Partner for Talent at Clifford Chance said: "The BEO vision and plan to advance equity for Black communities in the UK is as necessary and urgent as it is compelling. Commercial law firms have the ability and resource to help highlight under resourced and underrepresented social matters, and we are glad to be able to be part of supporting such a pioneering organisation that will directly work towards tackling processes that encourage, perpetuate or permit systemic racial injustice."

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Dicta: Legal Poetry by Harbani Ahuja


We have sponsored Dicta, an interactive virtual poetry project presented by our global pro bono partner ICAAD.

In this powerful series exploring the rights of Black people, Harbani Ahuja, ICAAD’s inaugural artist in residence uses Dicta, the additional commentary by judges from Supreme Court case decisions to create poetic pieces that highlight broad social justice themes from the lens of a public interest advocate and woman of colour.

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REACH Book Club


Colleagues from our affinity network REACH join Sky Arts Book Club to review The Start Up Wife by Tahmima Anam, and Raven Smith's Men by Raven Smith.

REACH created a Book Club to create a safe space to have discussions that explored themes related to race, ethnicity and identity that were centred around nominated books, on occasion with the authors themselves.



Across our global network we have a range of committees focusing on ethnicity, culture, race and heritage that reflect the wide variety of people who make up our firm. These include the REACH (Race Equality and Celebrating Heritage) network; and the Black and Latino Committee, and the Asian and Pacific Islanders Committee in the US.

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Becoming ambassadors for change

Inclusion is for all of us. If it isn’t then it isn’t inclusion at all.

Our 2021 Inclusion Report celebrates some of the amazing people in our firm who have been demonstrating their values through campaigning for inclusion.

Enjoy reading their stories.


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