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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance
Legal Technology<br />

Legal Technology

Driving efficiencies in our legal services

The way we work with technology allows us to transform legal service delivery. Engaging with our clients and business partners, we creatively combine our core technology solutions with flexible application to deliver efficiencies, better collaboration, and faster completion of work.

We help you stay on top of the latest legal technology developments, working with our lawyers and technologists to design and deliver the right solution, tailored to your specific needs.

What is Legal Technology?

Technology directly impacts how we deliver legal services, both now and in the future, with the potential to not only save time and cost but also deliver better outcomes and gain competitive advantage.

Our approach to digital transformation using legal technology extends across three timeframes:

Today: Using a core tech stack in collaboration with clients to deliver better outcomes on legal matters.

Tomorrow: Creating new digital solutions to deliver our legal services in different and innovative ways.

Beyond: Building our capability to address shared tech challenges in the industry and exploring emerging technologies relevant to our legal services.

How does it work?

We bring you the latest tech. Our teams include Legal Technology advisors, IT professionals and data scientists working together with our lawyers to understand your specific needs. We then use the best technology solutions, either from our own tech stack or the latest innovations from around the world, at the same time as prioritising compliance and security issues.

We collaborate with you to complete projects faster and with greater transparency, transforming how our lawyers work for optimal efficiency and quality, supported by robust risk management. Our tech resources form an integrated part of the efficiencies we generate through Continuous Improvement, Legal Project Management, Delivery Centres, and Data Science – and of course our Research and Development Hub.

We take care of compliance and security so that you can be confident your information is secure when working with us.

We can also guide you through your tech decision making process to apply innovation to your legal operations with confidence.

Key benefits

We help you to complete projects faster and with improved risk management by optimising workflows and processes, using automation and advanced text analytics where appropriate.

We enable greater control and transparency by supporting our legal project management teams with pricing, budgeting and project management solutions.

We reduce costs by combining technology with lower-cost resourcing to improve the efficiency of legal service delivery. We also increase confidence by taking care of compliance and security, as well as applying our knowledge to guide you through your tech decision-making process.

From data models to application programming interfaces (APIs), we are collaborating with others in the industry to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Legal Technology in action

We combine the technologies and methodologies below to deliver the best outcomes now and in the future:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Combining AI with our data capabilities, we are creating solutions that are transforming the way we deliver legal services. 

Legal automation
We are helping clients achieve significant time savings from automating processes, documents and expertise.

Leveraging text analytics, transaction management and other workflow technology, we are improving efficiency and access to information. 
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We use secure, online collaboration platforms customised for your projects.

Data Science
Using data to diagnose issues and predict outcomes, our data science team is finding new ways to bring actionable insights to our clients and our own operations. 
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Litigation Toolkit
Our suite of Litigation and Arbitration eDiscovery tools and other specialist solutions enable our lawyers to review large volumes of data efficiently and prepare legal strategies for better outcomes. 
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Taking the next step

To find out more about how we can use legal technology on your matters or how it can help your own legal operations, get in touch with Anthony Vigneron or April Brousseau.

Legal Technology at a glance

  • For a loan portfolio migration, we identified the right technology and specialist resources to improve quality and achieve a 40% cost reduction for a client in a due diligence project.
  • Our proprietary Data Science tool to identify, extract and tabulate references to exhibits, witnesses and judges' comments during trials cut manual effort by over 25%, representing significant cost savings for clients.
  • Our transaction toolkit is a collection of solutions that enables us to deliver up to 40% reduction in time, with improved level of detail, at similar, or even reduced, cost. The tools enable comprehensive document review, with lawyers focusing on sample verification.

  • Together with our clients, we are constantly finding new ways to use CC Connect – our secure, online, collaboration platform. The creative use of the same security and familiar features means that collaboration across multiple offices and jurisdictions is quick, efficient and low risk.