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Inclusion & diversity

We recognise and cherish the values and heritages of the people who make up our firm.

For so many of our people those values and heritages are connected to their faith. Across the firm we strive to celebrate the many faiths that are followed by our people.



In this video diary, colleagues from seven Clifford Chance offices take us through one day of Ramadan. Watch as Qudeer Latif, Ilaria Ribis, Latifah Sat, Sharfah Mohamed, Rumaana Habeeb, Inaamul Laher and Nur Amalee Othaman share the important tenets of their faith and practices associated with Ramadan, including fasting, the five daily prayers and performing charitable acts. Kane Dowsett also talks about fasting for a day to show solidarity with Muslim colleagues.​



In December we celebrated Hanukkah with a virtual Hanukkah Lighting event where our Jewish Society shared the story of the holiday, some of its traditions, and how it's celebrated in different parts of the world.

There was also a live performance of traditional music, which was followed by colleagues from across the globe lighting their own menorahs.



In November we celebrated Diwali – 'the festival of lights' – with a global virtual panel event. The event was attended by 150 colleagues from offices all around the world, including Sao Paolo, Abu Dhabi, Munich, Milan, Washington, DC and Sydney.

The event explored how the ancient wisdom of Diwali can still be relevant today, helping us embrace change and overcome adversity, especially during these current times. 

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