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In our firm, with our clients and in the world

At Clifford Chance we see inclusion as a core value of the firm and also of the law.

We understand that diversity and inclusion are good for our staff and their families, our firm and our clients, and society. We believe that to help achieve these values we have to be champions of, and campaigners for them across our firm, with our clients, and in the world.

Our inclusion & diversity strategy

In our firm

Our goal is to deliver an equality of opportunity, an equality of aspiration and an equality of experience to everyone who works in our firm.

We recognise that a true diversity of talent and experience is an essential ingredient in our success. To be the global law firm of choice in this area we need to be the leaders in this area.

With our clients

Our combined expertise around risk, employment, change strategy and pro bono provides our clients with world class strategic advice on inclusion.

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In the world

Our goal is to use our expertise to help realise our values on inclusion across society. We believe that for our values to be real we must be prepared to use our skills to champion and deliver them.

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Global Director of Inclusion Tiernan Brady on our inclusion & diversity strategy

Global Director of Inclusion Tiernan Brady discusses why permanent campaigning is at the heart of our inclusion & diversity strategy.

Committed to global and regional gender, ethnicity and LGBT+ targets

In 2020, Clifford Chance launched new and ambitious global and regional targets for gender, LGBT+ and ethnicity inclusion.

With the firm increasing its focus on its global inclusion strategy - change the rules, change the culture and change the lived experience - new regional targets were introduced to ensure greater ambition, progress and accountability are embedded across the firm's global network.

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Award-winning reverse mentoring

Taking the classical approach to mentoring and turning it on its head has moved diversity issues further up the agenda.

Germany’s Reverse Mentoring programme champion and Counsel Anna Thwaites explains how it is helping foster a more inclusive culture at the firm in our 2021 Inclusion Report.

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Expanded participation in Mansfield Rule certification process

The Mansfield Rule is a 12-month certification process that measures whether law firms have considered at least 30% women, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ lawyers, and lawyers with disabilities for leadership and governance roles, equity partner promotions, formal client pitch opportunities, and senior lateral positions.

The Mansfield Rule provides focus and clear measurement data on our approaches to improving the diversity of associate talent, partner promotions and lateral hiring.

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Becoming ambassadors for change

Inclusion is for all of us. If it isn’t then it isn’t inclusion at all.

Our 2021 Inclusion Report celebrates some of the amazing people in our firm who have been demonstrating their values through campaigning for inclusion.

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The Clifford Chance Careers Podcast

The Clifford Chance Careers Podcast features experts from around the firm discussing career advice, hot topics and giving unique insights into their personal journeys.

From informal chats to deep-dives into the future of work, we offer a wide range of insights for you to listen to on the move.


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