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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

CC Dr@ft

Legal document automation platform

CC Dr@ft combines a powerful document automation platform with a solution design, onboarding and maintenance service that allows our users to quickly and independently generate tailor-made and house styled documents within our secure CC Dr@ft tool. Whatever the application, we aim to save the client time and money and reduce risk during the document drafting process.

A solution is only as good as how it has been configured to suit your needs; using our tried and tested process ensures your automation solution works for you. The CC Dr@ft service consists of:

  • A flexible and robust document automation platform; ​
  • Consultations with legal document automation experts; and ​
  • A dedicated team for ongoing support​.

Where we differ is the calibre of knowledge and expertise that reinforce all aspects of this service. A combination of world-leading legal knowledge from Clifford Chance and a market-leading document automation team, widely regarded in the industry as having automated the most complex templates, delivers a bespoke solution that offers a return on your investment year after year.

What's included in the CC Dr@ft service?

Identify templates
Our team helps clients identify the type of templates suitable for document automation.

Expert advice on integrations with client databases and e-signature platforms.

Our team provides a bespoke solution design, both around the documents being automated and the underlying infrastructure.

Security & procurement
We ensure our client’s security needs are met.

Build business case
Help our clients get the buy-in they need from stakeholders and support building their business case.

We update existing documents to reflect client requested changes.

Request a CC Dr@ft demo

Understand how document automation could benefit your company by contacting one of our experts to arrange a demonstration call of the CC Dr@ft service.

See for yourself how it works in practice.

Find out more about Request a CC Dr@ft demo

CC Dr@ft in action

Read our document automation case studies to find out more on the solutions we built for two of our customers, a full service bank and a global corporate.

We helped our clients to:

CC Dr@ft was awarded the prestigious Gouden Zandloper Innovation Award (Legal Innovation Golden Hourglass), the leading legal award in The Netherlands.