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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Professional standards, ethics & risk

Building trust and confidence

Doing business responsibly through market shaping practice in relation to ethics, professional standards and risk management is a top priority.

As a Responsible Business, we seek to provide clients with a service that is informed and defined by the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and risk management.

A focus on... our Code of Conduct

Global Partner for Talent Chinwe Odimba-Chapman and Warsaw Head of HR Agnieszka Kupiec on how our Code of Conduct underpins the way we act as a responsible business.

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Talking purpose & ethics

Clifford Chance has been working with Principia, a leading advisory firm on Business Ethics on a new study that explores the approaches to ethics and responsibility. Through a series of thought-provoking interviews, it examines perspectives from leaders of the world’s largest companies on how they are addressing the challenges of ethical business, as well as highlighting the innovative ways companies are integrating ethics and purpose into the heart of their organisations.

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Progress in 2020/21

Code of Conduct workshops

led by our Senior Partner and attended by several hundred employees so far

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2021 Responsible Business Report

In our 2021 Responsible Business Report, we explore what it means to be a responsible business and how we can create sustainable change as a firm.

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Reporting library

View our reporting

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Our commitments

Mapping our objectives

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Our insights

The latest points of view from our people on our responsible business activities

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