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Clifford Chance

Cross Border Guides

A cross border overview of key issues

Designed for business users, our Cross Border Guides offer a concise and practical overview of the key issues in jurisdictions around the world.

Our clear guidance helps you to assess the key issues and structure successful solutions.


How to access our Cross Border Guides

If you are a client you can register your details on or log in to the Clifford Chance Client Portal to access our Guides.

Key features of our Cross Border Guides

Select a jurisdiction
Start by selecting the jurisdiction(s) you are interested in.

Select your questions
Next, select the questions pertaining to your needs.

Get your report
View and compare answers across your chosen jurisdictions.

Premium Content

Cross Border Guides

  • Cross Border Financing

    Accessing information critical to the proper structuring of a cross border transaction is essential to the success of a deal. The Cross Border Financing Guide gives you online access to the information that can make or break your deal.

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  • Debt Restructurings

    The Debt Restructurings Guide provides an overview of the key issues to be considered in European restructurings. It sets out the restructuring options available in key jurisdictions including pre-packaged solutions, court supervised schemes, and restructuring plans.

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  • Cross Border Merger Control

    The Cross Border Merger Control Guide gives you a practical aid to multi-jurisdictional merger control, foreign investment and national security reviews.

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