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Delivery Centres

Transforming legal services delivery

Our Delivery Centres in India and the UK are on hand to make sure we can work quickly, efficiently and with your budget in mind. Thanks to our smart technology and experience, we pair your needs with the right resources to get the work done.

We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality advice and exceptional value. Our Delivery Centres play a key role in both. By bringing together the best teams and technology they help projects complete on time and on budget. And in doing so, we free up more time for our lawyers to focus their skills on what matters most: client outcomes.

What are Delivery Centres?

Our Delivery Centres deploy the right people and the right technology to get the job done.

Our Newcastle hub has 90 paralegals. In India – across Delhi and Hyderabad – there are 60 professionals.

The Delivery Centres* cover a range of capabilities, including data room management, due diligence, e-disclosure, document review, research, drafting documents from precedents, contract summaries, process expertise, jurisdictional surveys and general transaction management.

Together, they provide effective support to Clifford Chance lawyers worldwide.

How do they work?

First, we seek to understand the support a client needs, exploring where and how we can add value. We then design the right combination of people and technology to make sure that the project is delivered effectively.  

By doing so, we can add significant value to large-scale, high-volume projects. Our professionals can also handle repetitive tasks such as contract summaries or document reviews. The work of our Delivery Centres is always overseen by Clifford Chance lawyers, making sure that it always meets the highest standards.

Key benefits

Our well-established teams have supported our lawyers for more than 10 years, delivering:

Cost-effective support: with our Delivery Centres typically able to achieve savings of up to 50%, driven by process efficiencies on large-scale matters.

Business as usual: because our Delivery Centres work seamlessly with their Clifford Chance colleagues globally. Our ability to get work done when it's needed means we can meet vital client deadlines.

Scale up at speed: because our Delivery Centres can add capacity and take on additional tasks quickly and efficiently, supported by our ability to choose and deploy the most relevant tech solutions.

Draw on a broader range of expertise: because our Delivery Centres can provide additional skills and knowledge whenever needed. This also extends to capabilities where our two Delivery Centres can collaborate to establish a truly global reach.

Delivery Centres in action

When our client needed a defence-critical, 14,000-page bundle reviewed at speed, our Delivery Centre team identified the best tech for the task and then completed the review a day ahead of schedule. Our work achieved a 40% cost saving and the use of our Bundledocs tech solution took 30 hours off the time taken to reshape the bundle.

When a New York investment firm needed summaries of circa 300 funds, our Delivery Centre team co-ordinated with Clifford Chance's New York office to provide scale at speed. Our solution meant that the average time it took a Clifford Chance associate to review each fund was just two hours, resulting in a time saving for the team of 70%.

Taking the next step

Our Delivery Centres always deliver the quality and consistency that Clifford Chance clients expect. To learn more about how our hubs can support your needs, please speak to your Clifford Chance relationship contact.

* Some of these tasks may not be carried out in one of our Delivery Centres due to regulatory reasons.

Delivery Centres at a glance

  • 150 paralegals and professionals based in Clifford Chance offices in the UK and India, helping to achieve cost savings for our clients of up to 50%.
  • Our Delivery Centres helped us to complete the review of our client’s defence-critical, 14,000-page bundle in four days. This was done ahead of a very tight schedule and in a way that generated 40% cost savings.
  • When a banking client needed to repaper 1,000s of documents as part of their LIBOR transition requirements, our Delivery Centres helped to significantly reduce costs.
  • The swift redaction of 78 large, commercially sensitive contracts by our Delivery Centres resulted in a highly efficient approach being taken in a time-critical part of a big-ticket M&A instruction.

  • Our client required assistance in a competitive bid to acquire the aircraft and land transportation loan book of another bank. Using our Delivery Centres for the due diligence questionnaires led to a significant reduction in our client’s costs.