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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance
Real Estate Private Equity & Investment<br />

Real Estate Private Equity & Investment

Property lawyers specialised in Private Equity Investment

Our property lawyers are in dealing with private equity structures, joint ventures, limited partnerships, unit trusts, REITs, and other co-investment agreements and have familiarity with the legal and business obstacles associated with doing so.

Whether the underlying real estate transaction is a sale and leaseback, a development project, a workout, an income-producing investment, a portfolio acquisition, a mortgage portfolio transaction, or a trading transaction. The best structure can be tailored to your deal, taking into consideration factors including transfer tax, accounting treatment, local market and currency difficulties, and risk allocation.

Our real estate lawyers have experience guiding clients through the entire life cycle of corporate real estate structures, including initial structure selection, tax optimization, creation of the vehicle, fundraising, purchase, and asset or project management, as well as exit strategy.

Painting a Picture of the Healthcare Market

The latest vlog in our Painting a Picture series looks at the European healthcare market and the growing demand for healthcare assets. The pandemic along with demographic changes, has brought to light the resilience and relevance of healthcare real estate, providing for good returns with long-term leases and stable rents. Nursing homes, assisted living concepts, residential communities, medical centres and outpatient care concepts are being picked up by a wide range of international investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

This vlog showcases the creative skills of Knowledge & Information Officer, Katie Hutchinson, alongside an expert voiceover from Anne Voigt, Counsel in our Frankfurt Real Estate team.


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