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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance
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Risk Insights

Analysis and opinion on boardroom risk trends and issues

Compliance in a world of escalating risk

We are featured in the November-December edition of Corporate Counsel Business Journal (CCBJ) to touch upon the points made during their Global Risk Dinner Series we co-hosted. 

The edition covers what the most pressing issues for today's general counsels are. With a world that is becoming more digital - from easily sharing or accessing information, to hackers getting more sophisticated than ever - making crisis management even tougher than ever before. 

It also touches upon the importance of culture and ethics in managing an organization's riks, answering questions such as 'who is best suited to conduct ethics training' and 'what is the best way for an organization to achieve ethical health'.

With all of the risk dinner attendees working in senior roles at large, multibillion-dollar organizations with locations across the world, a common point of interest was how best to assess behaviour and achieve compliance, especially in countries where Western sensibilities don’t always apply.


Cyber Security Risk

Cyber security is a board-level risk with major legal implications – it is not simply a technology issue. High-profile cyber and system hacks highlight the serious reputational and financial impact of a cyber incident.

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