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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance
Risk Coverage<br />

Risk Coverage

We work with international businesses to address a wide spectrum of risks


Antitrust Risk

The antitrust risk landscape is shifting. Caught up in the ever-changing priorities of governments and antitrust authorities globally, companies are inadvertently slipping up in the antitrust arena.

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Business and Human Rights Risk

All businesses have a responsibility to respect human rights. They face serious reputational damage, financial loss and potential legal liability if they are involved in or linked to human rights abuses.

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Climate Change Risk

Businesses that ignore climate change risk face business interruption, financial implications (including access to capital), stranded assets, reputational damage and potential legal liability.

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Corruption Risk

Corruption risk calls for a balanced and intelligent approach that fits both the business and its pocket.

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Cyber Security Risk

Cyber security is a board-level risk with major legal implications – it is not simply a technology issue. High-profile cyber and system hacks highlight the serious reputational and financial impact of a cyber incident.

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Data Risk

Data security and data misuse are no longer abstract risks. The major 2018 Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal is an example of how regulatory trends have developed to put the spotlight firmly on data privacy.

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People Risk

As well as being an organisation's greatest asset, people can also present the biggest risk.

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Sanctions and Export Controls Risk

Sanctions and export controls risk has risen sharply, due to complex and rapid regulatory shifts, adopted with little notice and lead time.

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Shareholder Risk

Businesses that ignore shareholder risk face business interruption, reputational damage and potential legal liability for the business and its directors.

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Tax Risk

In today's world, tax risk has substantial reputational and financial implications. Being unprepared is not an option for domestic and multi-national companies and their executives.

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Trade and Investment Risk

In challenging political or economic times businesses become increasingly susceptible to governmental interference and protectionist behaviour towards investments – at home and abroad.

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