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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Renewable Incentives Guide: Towards a Subsidy-Free World? 6th Edition

28 November 2018

The renewable energy sector continues to show strong growth.   Renewable incentives still have a significant role in that growth, although we are increasingly seeing the incentives being reduced and even removed as the costs of generation from renewable technologies continue to fall, and more instances of renewable projects proving competitive without subsidy.  

The last few years have seen the diversification of investment opportunities in the sector. Changing investor goals and sustainability regulation are leading to the emergence of new funding models for investment in green infrastructure.  Corporate power purchase agreements for renewable electricity are taking off in a big way in a number of jurisdictions around the world as larger corporates seek ways of fulfilling their CSR commitments and we are seeing the emergence of a new market for green finance products.  In the introduction to this guide we take a look at some of these developments and how renewable incentives fit into this broader commercial picture.

This edition of the guide now covers renewable incentives in 21 major countries.

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