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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


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Lawyers react to GenAI’s predictions for fintech

Fintech 22 November 2023

We decided to pit our experts against Generative AI's predictions for fintech, sharing what issues fintechs need to think about right now and what is coming down the track.

In this first video we look at what are some key considerations for fintech companies using AI? Stella Cramer and Yaru Chia react to Generative AI's predictions on what fintech companies need to look out for when using AI.

AI continues to dominate headlines, but how will AI influence regulation in finance and fintech sectors across Asia Pacific? In this video Stella Cramer and David Olds react to Generative AI’s predictions of robust AI-related regulatory frameworks and cross-border collaboration.

What are Generative AI’s predictions for the future of Web3? In this final video Lena Ng, Yaru Chia and Allison Tan respond to predictions on the expansion of tokenisation beyond digital assets and the establishment of interoperability and standards for DLTs in the future of Web3 regulation.