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Predictions 2022

2022 Predictions on the Metaverse from Lorraine Chimbga

Lorraine's predictions include reference to the new types of data that are likely to emerge; how our understanding of what value and ownership might change; and the possibility governments may take the metaverse more seriously this year and start to align globally to consider the regulatory challenges it presents.

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Microsoft data breach

News that Microsoft's Exchange Server application had suffered a significant data breach earlier this year, served to highlight the importance of continued and vigilant cyber security systems within businesses.


Upcoming events


Webinar: Tech, Talk & Lunch [In German]

The EU is currently creating a comprehensive legal framework, particularly in the areas of digital platforms, data economy and artificial intelligence.  Is your company sufficiently prepared? In our new online series "Tech, Talk & Lunch", specialists from our German Tech Group provide exclusive insights and show examples of where companies are likely to need to take action.

During our first event on 21 March 2023, Dr Michael Kümmel (Senior Associate, Tech/Digital) and Dr Nicolas Hohn-Hein (Senior Associate, IP/IT) will address compliance issues regarding the legally compliant use of artificial intelligence ("AI") in companies. Other dates will focus on the new European Unified Patent Court (April 25, 2023) and EU Health Data Spaces (June 13, 2023).