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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Trends 2022

Talking Tech

2022 Predictions for US Tech Trends from Megan Gordon and Jamal el-Hindi

Megan and Jamal pair-up to discuss US tech trends and explore hot issues including: Digital assets; Payments & gaming; Payments in the Metaverse; Regulatory enforcement trends.

2022 Predictions for Data Privacy Litigation and Regulation from Megan Gordon

Megan shares her big predictions for Privacy in the US market, highlighting that businesses will be gearing up for the new California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) this year and suggesting we can expect more states across the US to pass privacy legislation this year.

2022 Predictions for Fintech and AML from Jamal el-Hindi

Some of the trends Jamal says to look out for this year include: Regulators turning their attention to the gaming industry, particularly in relation to money laundering issues; a focus on innovation; and more direct regulation of fintechs.

2022 Predictions on Quantum Computing from Chris Grey

Chris thinks it's time for all industries to get to grips with quantum computing, and fast, and says we'll see continued uptick in quantum computing M&A and investments, and increasingly tough quantum regulation this year.

2022 Predictions on Tech in the Automotive Industry from Thomas Voland

Thomas shares his three predictions for tech in the automotive industry. He highlights the growing role tech will play in tackling climate change with higher investments made into battery electric vehicles, and predicts the growing importance of AI and IOT to the automotive industry this year in relation to speech technology and computer vision and faster and more efficient maintenance of cars, components and systems using vibration sensors.

2022 Predictions on Data Litigation from Kate Scott

Kate shares her views on key data trends that will impact all businesses in 2022 including increases in claims relating to the use of biometric data and AI and data monetisation. She also highlights a likely increase in standalone litigation.

2022 Predictions on HealthTech from Gunnar Sachs

Gunnar Sachs outlines what he sees coming down the pipe for healthtech this year

2022 Predictions on Infratech from Nadia Kalic

Some of the key infratech trends Nadia says to look out for are:  the metaverse as the next step in the evolution of Smart Infrastructure; the increased use of DLT and asset tokenisation to unlock new sources of finance , and ESG implications of Infratech transactions.

2022 Predictions on Insurtech from Ashley Prebble

Ashley reveals his three top predictions for insurtech in 2022 including: a growth in insurtechs becoming insurers; a surge in insurtech M&A activity and increasing regulatory scrutiny around the use of AI in insurance.

2022 Predictions on Climate Tech from Rich Kim

2022 is going to be the year of major climate tech breakthroughs says Rich Kim. He anticipates the rise of the "electrification bundle" and the start of a decade of climate tech M&A. Do you agree?

2022 Predictions on the Metaverse from Lorraine Chimbga

Lorraine provides her views on new types of data that are likely to emerge; how our understanding of what value and ownership might change; and the possibility governments may take the metaverse more seriously this year and start to align globally to consider the regulatory challenges it presents.

2022 Predictions on Tech from Jonathan Kewley

Jonathan tells us why ethical design, the Splinternet, and AI horror stories are his three major predictions for tech this year.