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Artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence

‘AI system’ = any software?

The new EU regulation on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Inclusive Artificial Intelligence: a legal perspective

For users to be able to really make the most of a technology like AI, it is imperative that they are put in a position to use it in an informed way. By getting to know the potential outcome (and even the flows in the reasoning) of AI, the user can foresee the consequences of its use.

Artificial intelligence

All Eyes on AI – Australian government launches Australia's first AI action plan

Four areas of focus identified




Our relationship with AI: fiend of foe?

Developed in conjunction with Milltown Partners, this report explores overall attitudes to technology and AI, the perceived benefits and risks of AI, as well as respondents' support for different regulatory approaches to AI and their confidence in the likelihood of those approaches succeeding.


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Artificial Intelligence, a question of liability?

What liability standards will the EU Commission apply to artificial intelligence in the future? And what will AI manufacturers and companies using artificial intelligence have to deal with in terms of liability law? Counsel Jan Conrady and senior associate Eva Lange discuss these topics and more in the third episode of the Clifford Chance podcast series "Talking Tech - AI" with journalist Pia Lorenz. There is one thing the two lawyers agree on: Without regulated liability, there will be no broad acceptance for the use of complex AI systems. [In German]

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Webinar: Insights on Financial Regulation: European crypto regulation – MiCA

Clifford Chance is holding a series of Insights on Financial Regulation calls in relation to the recently agreed EU Markets in Crypto-assets Regulation (MiCA). Throughout the series, our panels will bring together experts from across our European network who will outline the new requirements under MiCA. Join us for: MiCA - an overview (24th November ) MiCA for custodians (1st December) MiCA for stablecoin issuers (15th December) and  MiCA for exchanges, brokers and other venues  (5th January 2023)


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