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Semiconductor M&A Trends in 2022: Sustained Demand, Supply Chain Risk and Regulatory Scrutiny

The semiconductor industry is in the process of being reshaped by a sustained period of mergers and acquisitions. The past few years have seen hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions across the US, UK, Europe and Asia, and major players have indicated they expect to continue this acquisition streak. This article looks at what is driving this M&A, how the regulators are approaching it and the current microchip supply chain crisis.


The CMA Greenwashing Review – Is this the year of reckoning for the fashion sector?

Eco-fashion" and "sustainable fashion" have become buzzwords amongst fashion retailers in recent years, as consumers have become increasingly aware of sustainability concerns. Shoppers are regularly searching for more environmentally friendly shopping options – a 2021 government survey demonstrated that 52 per cent of UK consumers based their purchasing decisions on a brand's eco-credentials. As a result, fashion brands have been quick to highlight to customers their ethical and eco-credentials, such as announcing initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, releasing "sustainable" ranges, and creating new roles for staff focused on sustainability issues. However, fashion brands, both in the luxury and "fast fashion" sectors, have historically been found to make environmental claims that could be seen as misleading, known as "Greenwashing". Regulators and analysts have been racing to curb exaggerated sustainability claims.


The General Court annuls the 2009 Intel Decision – When are conditional rebates abusive?

The judgment highlights the importance of defendants adducing robust economic evidence to show that their rebates are not capable of foreclosing competition.

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Talking Tech: Asia Pacific Antitrust - Australia

Sydney counsel Rob Tang and senior associate Ryan Draper examine broader trends behind Australia's crucial antitrust developments in the past two years, and key developments to expect over the course of the next year. They will also discuss the impact of such developments on digital tech platforms operating in an intensifying regulatory environment in Australia with increased consumer-driven and anti-competition litigation in the sector.




Extension of Australia's national security investment protections

Our sister Antitrust/FDI blog looks at how an expansion to Australia's critical infrastructure legislation sees an extension to the scope of the foreign investment restrictions applying to national security businesses.


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Webinar: Insights on Financial Regulation: European crypto regulation – MiCA

Clifford Chance is holding a series of Insights on Financial Regulation calls in relation to the recently agreed EU Markets in Crypto-assets Regulation (MiCA). Throughout the series, our panels will bring together experts from across our European network who will outline the new requirements under MiCA. Join us for: MiCA - an overview (24th November ) MiCA for custodians (1st December) MiCA for stablecoin issuers (15th December) and  MiCA for exchanges, brokers and other venues  (5th January 2023)


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