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What's ahead for Tech in 2023

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Watch our global Tech Group team reveal their predictions for key trends and developments in 2023.

Tech Crises from Jonathan Kewley

Jonathan Kewley, Partner and co-head of our Tech Group, shares his key predictions for tech crises in 2023. Jonathan thinks that tech will move from something that we love to something that we live in fear of going wrong: the proliferation of deepfakes and their impact on democracies; the impact of AI bias in hiring; cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure and insurance against cyber risk. Read more about data and technology trends to watch in 2023.

Evolution of the Metaverse from Devika Kornbacher

Devika Kornbacher, Partner and co-head of the Clifford Chance Tech Group, discusses the evolution of the metaverse in 2023, predicting that while the 'consumer metaverse' adoption continues to be slow, the 'industrial metaverse' will boom this year. Expect to see more digital twins, digital replacement instead of transformation for testing, and smart hands for onsite maintenance.

Predictions for Fintech from Paul Landless

Paul Landless, Partner, and co-head of Clifford Chance Tech Group, shares his predictions for fintech trends in 2023. Paul expects to see a consolidation of fintech platforms, particularly in the digital trade space and tokenization of financial instruments. He also discusses the convergence of DeFi and TradFi and what it will mean for the financial markets. With more regulatory scrutiny and guidance expected as well, the increased legal certainty will drive continued innovation in the market.

Predictions on Digital Assets Risks and Disputes from Ling Ho

Ling Ho, Partner, predicts a rise in disputes and litigations in the digital assets space as a new regulatory framework emerges in 2023.

Stablecoins in the US from Young Kim

Young Kim, Counsel, discusses his top predictions for the regulation of stablecoins in the US in 2023. Young expects the emergence of a clear regulatory framework from Congress but doesn't see stablecoins becoming a reliable alternative for payments at scale yet. He also explores the possibility of traditional banks issuing their own stablecoins and other innovations in the crypto economy.

Predictions on the Impact of EU Digital Regulations from Dessislava Savova

Dessislava Savova, Partner, discusses the new universe of EU regulations coming into effect in 2023 and how it will impact the businesses and consumers in the EU and beyond.

Predictions on Tech Trends in the Middle East from Arun Visweswaran

Arun Visweswaran, Senior Associate, predicts positive developments for the tech industry in the Middle East in 2023. Arun explains why 2023 will be a year of growth for the tech sector in the Middle East with better data regulation and tech businesses growing across the region.

Predictions on Tech Transformation in a Downturn from Zayed Al Jamil

Zayed Al Jamil, Partner, discusses the challenges and opportunities arising from the economic downturn and how technology will transform the business environment in 2023. Zayed expects several major tech driven transformations. One is distress in the tech supply chain as companies have more complex tech stacks than last time we were in a downturn. Another is AI becoming incorporated into standard products and services, so buyers will need to be aware of the risks. Lastly, Zayed sees an uptick in carve-out transactions with technology being a real driver of deal complexity.

Predictions on the Big Tech Focus of the Antitrust Agencies from Katrin Schallenberg

Katrin Schallenberg, Partner, discusses her top predictions for the big tech focus of the antitrust agencies in 2023. Global tech companies will have to navigate an increasingly complex environment around the world which will require them to spend more resources engaging with the regulators across jurisdictions. EU, UK, US and China are some of the regions where antitrust agencies will be most active but other countries are also developing new regulations. Katrin expects to see more cooperation between authorities in different countries beyond 2023.

Predictions for Space Tech from Alexander Kennedy

Alexander Kennedy, Counsel, predicts exciting developments in space tech in 2023. Alexander expects a boom in satellite constellations, space travel and mining and discusses why space traffic and debris management will need a global framework. He also explores how the worldwide appetite for space expansion raises critical issues around states sovereignty and strategic autonomy.

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Tech Trends 2023

Evolving technologies, increased digital connectivity, cyber risk, geopolitical tensions, climate change, supply chain disruption and changing markets are shaping government policies, regulation and legal risk in relation to the use of data and technology. This legal, economic and political landscape is informing board agendas and investment approaches as businesses review and re-focus their digital strategies. We look at the key data and technology trends to watch in 2023.


HealthTech Trends 2023

What is on the horizon for the use of data and technology in the healthcare and life sciences sectors? Where do opportunities lie, and what should participants be thinking about before making the next big move? We provide an outlook on Health Tech trends to watch in 2023.


Fintech in 2023: Five trends to watch

Last year was a tough one for fintech with the collapse of a number of high-profile industry players, as well as wider economic pressures including the war in Ukraine, supply chain challenges and high inflation. Following the bold predictions we made last year, we highlight five key trends for fintech in 2023.


Data Centre Trends in 2023

The data centre industry is poised for growth in 2023 due to increased demand from businesses. However, factors such as higher costs, a slowing economy, new capacity challenges and increased regulation due to sustainability concerns about energy and water consumption, will impact growth. The pandemic has fueled the growth of the global data centre market, projected to reach 235 billion euros by 2026 with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate of 4.5%. Companies must consider the latest tech trends when selecting a data centre partner or colocation provider.


Crypto Litigation & Arbitration Trends to Watch in 2023

Whether or not the "crypto winter" thaws this spring, the legal repercussions will reverberate for some time. As well as attracting greater interest from regulators and legislators, the events of 2022 are likely to generate significant volumes of civil litigation and arbitration as investors and consumers seek to recover losses. Below are some key trends to watch out for in 2023.


Global Shift: Our M&A Predictions for 2023

Clifford Chance experts share their views on the themes that will shape the M&A market in 2023 including a shift in the dynamics of tech M&A: greater investor caution, backed by greater bargaining power with softer valuations and investors holding their dry powder – cooler heads for a cooler market.