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Clifford Chance
Tech Trends 2023<br />

Tech Trends 2023

Generative AI, cyber wars, net zero tech, the industrial metaverse and more...

Evolving technologies, increased digital connectivity, cyber risk, geopolitical tensions, climate change, supply chain disruption and changing markets are shaping government policies, regulation and legal risk in relation to the use of data and technology.

This legal, economic and political landscape is informing board agendas and investment approaches as businesses review and re-focus their digital strategies.

We look at the key data and technology trends to watch in 2023.

In part 1 we look at digital regulation and strategy, including evolving frameworks for digital assets, services and markets, and at trends impacting cyber security and operational resilience, generative AI and international data flows.

In part 2 we cover trends affecting tech markets and supply chains, including net zero tech, semiconductors, space tech, the industrial metaverse, gaming and esports, tech M&A, digital capital markets, telecoms and digital infrastructure.

Explore our trends below.

Part 1: Digital regulation and strategy

We look at generative AI, cyber wars, international data flows, EU digital strategy, digital assets, NFTs and more.


Part 2: Tech markets and supply chains

We look at the industrial metaverse, net zero tech, semiconductors, gaming and esports, space tech, tech M&A, digital infrastructure, digital capital markets and more.


What's ahead for Tech in 2023?

A sneak peek at our 2023 Tech Predictions video series: the global Tech Group at Clifford Chance discuss their predictions for key trends and developments in 2023.

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