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Predictions 2022

2022 Predictions on Quantum Computing from Chris Grey

Chris thinks it's time for all industries to get to grips with quantum computing, and fast, and says we'll see continued uptick in quantum computing M&A and investments, and increasingly tough quantum regulation this year.

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UK aims to become a global AI superpower

The UK Government announced its National AI Strategy. The Strategy sets out a ten-year plan which the UK Government claims will advance innovation, resilience, productivity and growth by collaborating with international partners and ensuring the UK's governance and regulatory regimes are fit for purpose.


Hot Topic - Smart Contracts

Emerging tech

Legal considerations around smart contracts

Contracts between computer programs


Blockchain and Smart Contracts in Insurance

The advantages of a coordinated approach

Intellectual Property

Blockchain and its application in the field of IP

Smart Contracts and IPR management


Upcoming events

Clifford Chance International Festival of Fintech

With the theme of Building a thriving and sustainable fintech ecosystem for the future, our International Festival of Fintech consists of three days of fintech webinars featuring expert panel discussions and fireside chats with industry leaders and rising stars, each focused on the fast-changing world of financial technology and tackling related legal and regulatory issues. 

Introduced by Simon Crown and Paul Landless, co-heads of the firm's fintech practice, our internal team of fintech experts will be joined on the virtual stage by speakers from 22 fintech firms, financial institutions, corporates, policy makers and industry associations.

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