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Cyber Assist App

 Cyber is now a legal risk, not just an IT issue. Cyber attacks are on the agenda of every government, board and law maker globally. The risks for businesses are unprecedented and growing, and fines for failing to respond correctly to an attack are eyewatering. Our Clifford Chance Cyber Assist will help our clients to prepare for and respond to attacks: it's a cyber emergency call.

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Clifford Chance International Festival of Fintech

With the theme of Building a thriving and sustainable fintech ecosystem for the future, our International Festival of Fintech consists of three days of fintech webinars featuring expert panel discussions and fireside chats with industry leaders and rising stars, each focused on the fast-changing world of financial technology and tackling related legal and regulatory issues. 

Introduced by Simon Crown and Paul Landless, co-heads of the firm's fintech practice, our internal team of fintech experts will be joined on the virtual stage by speakers from 22 fintech firms, financial institutions, corporates, policy makers and industry associations.

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