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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


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E-Privacy check-in: where we are, and where we're headed

Are we any closer to EU institutions reaching an agreement on the final regulation text? Whilst the rules stemming from the ePrivacy Regulation proposal are not expected in the near future, its one-year anniversary offers an opportunity to recall the key changes that stakeholders could, - and should - already anticipate.


Hot Topic - Facial Recognition


FTC action results in a photo storage application deleting its facial recognition technologies

Novel Facial Recognition Settlement

Artificial intelligence

Caught in a scrape: new investigation reveals risks of facial recognition AI

Processing the law

Artificial intelligence

Facial Recognition Technology – the race to regulate

Does your face fit?


Upcoming events

Bringing crypto into the mainstream: why cryptoasset regulation matters - Webinar - 29 June : 12:00 - 13:00 UTC

As cryptoasset markets continue to evolve, regulators and policy makers globally are responding to the risks and opportunities they present, including through introduction of new regulations. In this session, hosted with Lexology, we will discuss how cryptoasset regulation and supervisory approaches are developing across the UK, EU, USA and APAC, and consider the importance of regulation in underpinning the mainstream adoption of cryptoassets by financial investors, banks and other financial market participants. We will also look at how increasing adoption of cryptoassets may impact businesses outside of financial services. In this context we will cover:

  • Major regulatory developments and supervisory approaches across jurisdictions
  • How firms are preparing for new regulation, including challenges for cross-border businesses and regulatory arbitrage risks
  • Regulatory considerations for launching new cryptoassets, implications for companies issuing or investing in cryptoassets and the importance of correctly classifying cryptoassets within the regulatory framework
  • Regulation of cryptoasset service providers including custodians, exchanges and prime brokers

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