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E-Privacy check-in: where we are, and where we're headed

Are we any closer to EU institutions reaching an agreement on the final regulation text? Whilst the rules stemming from the ePrivacy Regulation proposal are not expected in the near future, its one-year anniversary offers an opportunity to recall the key changes that stakeholders could, - and should - already anticipate.


Hot Topic - Facial Recognition


FTC action results in a photo storage application deleting its facial recognition technologies

Novel Facial Recognition Settlement

Artificial intelligence

Caught in a scrape: new investigation reveals risks of facial recognition AI

Processing the law

Artificial intelligence

Facial Recognition Technology – the race to regulate

Does your face fit?


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Introduced by Simon Crown and Paul Landless, co-heads of the firm's fintech practice, our internal team of fintech experts will be joined on the virtual stage by speakers from 22 fintech firms, financial institutions, corporates, policy makers and industry associations.

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