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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance
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Digital Real Estate and its impact on people

Real Estate Proptech 29 November 2022

"People have always been part of property decisions. If we look at offices, shops, or homes, they all involve people. But now the influence that buildings have on people is fast rising to the top of the agenda and technology is helping this to happen."

Clifford Chance is a member of REvolve, the Digital Real Estate Insight Council, and is pleased to share the inaugural paper from the group exploring how technology can help measure and support the impact that buildings and the built environment have on people and wider society.

Digital Real Estate and its Impact on People’ explores the topic from three different perspectives, and looks at the challenges, opportunities and potential next steps for real estate to leverage technology to better meet the needs of people and society:

  • People: Delving into the impact of buildings and technology in the context of the workplace, considering health and wellbeing, a hybrid world and the importance of transparency
  • Data: Considering what factors are needed from a data perspective for us to meet the requirements of building users in the future such as speed, value and ethics
  • The sector as a whole: While many steps can be made by individual landlords, property managers or occupiers, action is needed from the whole sector for real estate to move forward with technology to better meet the needs of individuals and wider society

REvolve consists of leading names in the real estate sector, which come together to provide unique perspectives on a particular topic, including ESRI UK, The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), Knight Frank, KPMG, LGIM Real Assets and Smart Spaces.

For more information, visit or contact our Head of UK Proptech Matt Taylor