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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Global Intellectual Property Newsletter – 22nd Edition – IP Topics in Consumer Goods and other IP Topics

6 June 2019

We welcome you to the 22nd Edition of the Clifford Chance Global IP Newsletter, in which we will focus on IP-related questions in connection with consumer goods.

We start with an overview on the current topic of influencer marketing where our colleagues from the UK and Germany will analyse the different national approaches and case law regarding the legal issues that might arise in this regard.

Next, is an article about the principle of exhaustion in the context of Brexit and why businesses should review their supply chains.

We then present a recent ruling of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal which declared the right to information under IP law partly unconstitutional, including an overview of the Polish implementation of the Enforcement Directive, before turning to a ruling from the Singapore Court of Appeal regarding the question whether a freight forwarder could be held liable for trade mark infringement.

Further, we will shed some light on the possibilities to protect shop designs under IP law (namely as trademark, coypright, design, and with the means of unfair competition law) against counterfeit third-party shop design.

Moreover, we have an article on selective online distribution in Italy covering the possibility to gain damages for brand reputation in online sales. Staying in the area of brand protection, this Edition will be concluded with two interesting articles on trademarks and protection of geographical indications in Spain and Italy.

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