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News and awards

Clifford Chance advises Haier Group on the global regulatory filings for its acquisition of a 20% equity stake in Shanghai RAAS from Grifols

9 May 2024

Clifford Chance advises Haier Group on the global regulatory filings for its acquisition of a 20% equity stake in Shanghai RAAS from Grifols

Global law firm Clifford Chance has advised Haier Group on the global regulatory filings for its RMB12.5 billion (approximately US$1.8 billion) acquisition of a 20% equity stake in blood products company Shanghai RAAS from Grifols, S.A.

Lead partner Yong Bai said, "We are pleased to have successfully assisted Haier in this significant investment which expands their portfolio into higher-growth sectors like healthcare. This transaction demonstrates our strong capabilities in navigating the complexity of global regulations, and our commitment to supporting our clients' growth ambitions."

Yong was supported by counsel Dayu Man in Hong Kong and trainee lawyer Ziwen Wang in Beijing. The complex transaction also involved lawyers from the firm's global network, as well as local counsel from multiple jurisdictions, including:

  • Washington D.C.: Partners Renee Latour, Timothy Cornell and Brian Concklin, associates Holly Bauer, Erica Hackett and Amber Pirson;
  • Madrid: Partners Jaime Almenar and Miguel Odriozola, counsel Begoña Barrantes, senior associate Diego Doménech and lawyer Luisa Morely;
  • Barcelona: Senior counsel Carme Briera;
  • Paris: Partner Katrin Schallenberg, associates Antoine Réco, Hendrik Coppoolse and Marlen Pezzetta and trainee lawyer Flore Petitot;
  • Casablanca: Casablanca Managing Partner Mustapha Mourahib and associate Hasnaa Bennani.

Haier Group is a leading global provider of home appliances and smart home solutions.

Shanghai RAAS is a leading blood products company in China that integrates source plasma collection, blood products research and development, production and sales.

Clifford Chance is a leading legal adviser of Chinese enterprises on the global regulatory aspects of their transactions, having advised on China National Tire & Rubber Corporation's renewal shareholders' agreement concerning the governance of PirelliBaowu Group's acquisition of equity interest in SD Steel Group and Sinosteel's acquisition of control of Samancor Chrome.


国际领先律师事务所高伟绅为海尔集团以125亿元人民币(约18亿美元)向基立福(Grifols, S.A.)收购血液制品公司上海莱士的20%股权项目所涉及的境外政府审批申报提供法律服务。



  • 华盛顿特区办公室:合伙人Renee Latour、Timothy Cornell和Brian Concklin,以及律师Holly Bauer、Erica Hackett和Amber Pirson;
  • 马德里办公室:合伙人Jaime Almenar和Miguel Odriozola,资深顾问律师Begoña Barrantes,高级律师Diego Doménech Arés以及律师Luisa Morely;
  • 巴塞罗那办公室:资深顾问律师Carme Briera;
  • 巴黎办公室:合伙人Katrin Schallenberg,律师Antoine Réco、Hendrik Coppoolse和Marlen Pezzetta以及见习律师Flore Petitot;
  • 卡萨布兰卡办公室:卡萨布兰卡管理合伙人Mustapha Mourahib及律师Hasnaa Bennani。


高伟绅多次为中国企业客户的重大交易提供境外政府审批申报相关的法律服务,包括中国化工橡胶公司就倍耐力治理续签股东协议相关意大利外商投资申报 、中国宝武钢铁集团收购山东钢铁集团股权项目所涉境外反垄断事务中钢集团收购南非萨曼可铬业公司所涉境外反垄断事务