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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Global Intellectual Property Newsletter Issue 05/15

5 May 2015

China: Updates on patent compensation amounts and punitive damages

China: Case study and updates on employment inventions

Spain: Making Google forget you

France: The Court of Appeal sanctioned the owner of a fraudulent trade mark registration for having requested Facebook to block the public's access to one of its competitor's pages

Czech Republic: The Supreme Court on calcula-tion of damages caused by illegal sharing of copyrighted works

European Union (CJEU): The importance of vis-ual similarities between trade trade marks

Spain: Trade mark holder's ius utendi can no longer be opposed to trade mark infringement actions from earlier trade mark owners: the ex-tinction of protective trade marks

Italy: Two recent decisions of the Court of Cass-ation: scope and limits of trade mark protection

INDUSTRY HIGHLIGHT: European regulation against misleading food advertising

United Kingdom: EU-wide injunctions for CTM infringement: the UK perspective

Slovak Republic: Major changes to be brought by the draft Copyright Bill

Germany: Necessity and boundaries of witness preparation under German law – Special need for witness preparation in IP litigation?

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