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Supplier standards

How to work with Clifford Chance

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets our expectations of our suppliers; it acts as our statement of intent as to what is important to us and what we in turn expect of our suppliers.

It provides a set of key principles that underpin the minimum standards we expect from our supplier suppliers and contractors; the key principles address the 'ethical behaviour' we expect from our suppliers and the minimum standards address how those principles should be implemented, the controls our Suppliers should have in place, and how we work together. 

The standards have been carefully reviewed to make sure that all suppliers regardless of size should be able to meet these standards. Please click on the 'download' button to access each standard:

Our approach and commitment to our suppliers

The importance of managing our suppliers


Information security management

Protecting information assets under our control

Note: this standard is coming soon.

Business continuity & resilience

Understanding where there is a potential for any disruptive incidence that could impact our ability to serve our clients and operate safely and legally


Travel & expense management

The minimum standards we expect from a supplier regarding travel and expense management


Data privacy

Respecting and protecting individual data privacy


Physical security

Protecting our people, assets, brand and reputation by ensuring we have an effective and robust approach to the management of physical security risks


Health & safety

The minimum standards we expect from our suppliers regarding health and safety


People screening & onboarding

Ensuring ethical and professional standards are in place regarding the recruitment of anyone assigned to support the provision of services to Clifford Chance and / or our clients


Use of Clifford Chance's brand

The minimum standards for using Clifford Chance's brand, including name, logo and / or trademarks


Human rights & modern slavery

Respecting all internationally recognised human rights consistent with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the UN Global Compact, including by adopting behaviours and practices that are aligned with our global Human Rights and Slavery and Human Trafficking policies


Financial crime

Compliance with all applicable anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, economic sanctions and anti-fraud laws


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