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Supplier Assurance<br />

Supplier Assurance

Whilst there are many benefits for engaging third parties for the provision of goods and services, there are also added risks.  We know that reliance on third parties can expose our firm to the risk of our suppliers’ management and infrastructure, and so it's important that we review and understand the technical and organisational measures and controls our suppliers have in place to protect our firm and our clients. 

Information is a key asset to Clifford Chance and consequently needs to be appropriately managed and protected to ensure it is not inadvertently disclosed, lost, stolen or altered. Our suppliers are expected to have effective processes and procedures in place to control and manage third-party access to protected information and the premises, information technology and telecommunications systems, applications and services, and maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of the services provided to the firm. Our suppliers are also expected to reflect and support our commitment to the protection of personal data and respect for individual privacy rights.

To support our anti-money laundering and anti-bribery and corruption processes, it is important that we understand where we are working with third-parties who are based in high-risk jurisdictions, and which pose a greater risk to the firm and our clients.

Whatever the risk, our Supplier Assessment Questionnaire provides a mechanism for our firm to undertake appropriate due diligence and assurance of our suppliers.


Supplier Assessment Questionnaire

Our Supplier Assessment Questionnaire has been tailored to support the services you provide to Clifford Chance. Questionnaires and supporting documentation can be uploaded securely to Fusion, our new third party risk management application, as part of your onboarding process. Follow-up questions can be addressed directly through the platform, making it quicker and easier for both parties. 

How it works


As part of your supplier onboarding process, and introduction to Clifford Chance's Supplier Management Programme, you will receive an email inviting you to complete a Supplier Assessment Questionnaire and upload supporting documents. To access the system, you will need to follow the instructions set out in the email you receive, which will include your username, a link to access the system and reset your password, and a timeframe for your response. Please click on the link provided in the email and click 'forgotten password' to reset your login. Please note, there is one login provided per organisation.


Once logged in, you'll be taken to a screen where you'll see the due diligence sections you need to complete and the requested documents you need to upload. Any clarifying questions will be raised via Fusion.


We have set out our terms in this document to provide assurance that any data or information you share with us will be treated securely and in accordance with all applicable laws. We have chosen to automate and simplify our supplier onboarding process and make it easier for our suppliers to connect and do business with us.

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