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Supplier standards

How to work with Clifford Chance

Our suppliers are an important part of what we do at Clifford Chance and enable us to be 'the global law firm of choice for the world’s leading businesses of today and tomorrow.' 

Our aim is to work in partnership with our suppliers; developing innovative and robust solutions that support our firm and our clients, and building a culture where we continue to ask ourselves 'how could we do this better?'.

We believe that by providing a clear set of guidelines, and developing strong and trusted relationships with our suppliers, we can maintain the high ethical and professional standards we pride ourselves on and deliver on our social, economic and environmental commitments. We seek to partner with suppliers who share our commitments and approach and who embody our ethos and values.

Expectations of our Code

Making the most of our supplier relationships to better support the needs of our clients and firm means ensuring the right controls and procedures are in place to effectively manage, monitor and mitigate risk exposure.  Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out our expectations and the minimum standards we expect from the suppliers and contractors, and their subsidiaries and subcontractors, that provide goods or services to us. 

We expect our suppliers to notify our Global Supplier Relationship Management Team immediately if they have any concerns in relation to their compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct and/or minimum standards. Any comparable standards shared by our suppliers will need to be reviewed / approved by Clifford Chance.

Working with us

At Clifford Chance we see inclusion as a matter of justice and a core value of both our firm and the law. We firmly believe that if we have a set of values we must be prepared to champion and campaign for them both within our firm, across society and with our clients and suppliers. We seek to act in an open and transparent manner as part of our supplier onboarding process; promoting open and fair competition and engaging with diverse and underrepresented suppliers.

We are on a journey to continually improve how we work with our suppliers, and enable us to deliver on our commitments to our clients, and you can share any feedback you have either via your Contract Owner or Manager and/or with our Global Supplier Relationship Management Team directly.

We look forward to working with you.

Please refer to the full list of standards below.

Our approach and commitment to our suppliers

The importance of managing our suppliers


Supplier code of conduct

Being a responsible business


Information security management

Protecting information assets under our control

Note: this standard is coming soon.

Business continuity & resilience

Understanding where there is a potential for any disruptive incidence that could impact our ability to serve our clients and operate safely and legally


Travel & expense management

The minimum standards we expect from a supplier regarding travel and expense management


Data privacy

Respecting and protecting individual data privacy


Physical security

Protecting our people, assets, brand and reputation by ensuring we have an effective and robust approach to the management of physical security risks


Health & safety

The minimum standards we expect from our suppliers regarding health and safety


People screening & onboarding

Ensuring ethical and professional standards are in place regarding the recruitment of anyone assigned to support the provision of services to Clifford Chance and / or our clients


Use of Clifford Chance's brand

The minimum standards for using Clifford Chance's brand, including name, logo and / or trademarks


Human rights & modern slavery

Respecting all internationally recognised human rights consistent with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the UN Global Compact, including by adopting behaviours and practices that are aligned with our global Human Rights and Slavery and Human Trafficking policies


Financial crime

Compliance with all applicable anti-bribery, anti-money laundering, economic sanctions and anti-fraud laws.


Payment procedure for suppliers

* Please use Clifford Chance's purchase to pay system (or such other system as Clifford Chance may require from time to time) (the "P2P System").

To ensure prompt payment of your invoice, please ensure the invoice:

  • is submitted through the P2P System
  • is addressed to the relevant Clifford Chance entity which received the services.  
  • includes a contact name for an individual within your business to whom Clifford Chance can address all queries relating to the invoice.
  • includes the name of the Contract Manager within Clifford Chance who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the services, and with whom you have been liaising.  
  • includes a summary of time for which the invoice is being raised, details of the services, including, but not limited to the total cost VAT registration number, where applicable, and PO number.
  • is raised on company letterhead, including company name, address, registration number, and officially stamped.
  • All valid, properly due and undisputed invoices will be paid in full within 45 days of receipt, unless otherwise agreed with Clifford Chance.

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