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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Chatham House Competition Policy 2023: Back to the Future For Competition Policy – Summary of Key Points

5 February 2024

The frontiers of competition policy are rapidly expanding driven by deglobalization, inflation, the rise of big tech and the green transition. As competition authorities and antitrust regulators navigate these fields, a revival of traditional methodologies and approaches is gaining traction.

Recent years have seen new regulatory regimes for subsidies and digital markets which draw on existing competition policy frameworks; however, the consistency of competition policy enforcement across jurisdictions remains a question.

Compliance requirements have also become more complex as many major jurisdictions retreat from economic effects-based approaches towards more form-based and ex-ante regulation creating an uncertain environment for international businesses and investors.

Members of the legal, government, academic and business communities discussed these themes at the Chatham House Competition Policy Conference on 9 November 2023, which was held under the Chatham House Rule. Click here for a summary of the main points that were made by participants.

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