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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Seeking compensation for losses resulting from Russian measures against foreign companies and assets

10 November 2023

Since February 2022, around 1,200 companies have announced their intention to curtail operations, in part or in full, in Russia. In response, Russia has enacted a series of measures, which significantly affect such companies' operations and exit options from the country.

In some cases, companies seeking to exit have been put under State-controlled management, while some other companies have been asked to divest operations "voluntarily" within short timeframes. In most exits, the sale price is being determined by the State at severely discounted levels. Litigations against companies seeking to exit have also increased.

In this briefing, we explore the most significant measures and analyse potential options for remedies available to affected investors, including claims for compensation under Russia's bilateral investment treaties ("BITs") and before domestic and other international fora.

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