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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Unveiling the SIAC Arbitration Rules 2016: What this means for Thai parties

7 July 2016

On 1 July 2016, the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) released its long-awaited Arbitration Rules 2016 (the SIAC Rules 2016). The 2016 revisions build upon the SIAC Arbitration Rules 2013 and are a result of an extensive public consultation process. The 2016 revisions mirror the current market demand for cost - and time - efficient arbitrations, and will cement SIAC's position as a leading international arbitral institution in Asia and beyond.

Thai parties actively look to SIAC to resolve their international commercial disputes. The number of Thai related arbitrations handled by the SIAC grew by 25% to 12 new cases in 2015. This was across a wide variety of sectors including oil and gas, energy and resources, construction, financial services and telecommunications. A similar trend was seen in arbitrations arising out of neighbouring Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

The SIAC Rules 2016 come into effect on 1 August 2016. The revised rules will apply to any arbitration commenced on or after 1 August 2016, where parties have agreed to refer their disputes to SIAC for arbitration or to arbitration in accordance with SIAC Rules (unless parties have agreed that some older version of SIAC's rules should apply).

The revisions comprise a wide range of amendments to the SIAC Arbitration Rules 2013, covering areas such as early dismissal of claims, emergency arbitration, expedited procedure, joinder and consolidation. Ten of these amendments – the Ten New Commandments of the SIAC Arbitration – are of particular importance to parties arbitrating under the auspices of SIAC.

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