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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Construction Procurement Trends: Avoiding Panacea Thinking

29 April 2020

In these turbulent times it is hard to imagine the world after the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and to predict the long-term impact of the outbreak on our societies and economies.

One thing is certain – the effects will continue to be felt for many months after the immediate crisis has passed. When that time comes, the world may be left facing a global recession and governments will need to consider what measures are available to kickstart their economies. One such method is the tried and-tested tactic of increasing spending on public infrastructure.

This paper considers some of the main options available for the procurement of major infrastructure projects, and highlights the importance of tailoring the structure to the particular asset and the capabilities of the project parties rather than seeking to rely on a single structure, contract form or philosophy to deliver infrastructure projects.

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