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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Global Environment Newsletter - Summer 2018 edition

9 July 2018

This edition of the Global Environment Newsletter covers the following topics:

  • INTERNATIONAL: IMO Releases its initial Greenhouse Gas Strategy for Shipping: Strategy targets 40% GHG emission reductions by 2030, with efforts to achieve 70% reductions by 2030
  • INTERNATIONAL:Green Bond Principles 2018: New version refines environmental objectives and recommends independent external review
  • EU: Circular Economy Package Legislation Adopted: New rules on recycling, waste separation, landfilling and extended producer responsibility to be transposed by Member States by 5 July 2020
  • EU: European Commission Proposes New Protection for Whistleblowers: A new Directive seeks to improve reporting channels and prevent retaliatory behaviour
  • EU: Sustainable Finance Legislative Proposals Published: A new environmental sustainable taxonomy, requirements to disclose ESG risks and carbon benchmarking
  • EU/UK: The 'People Over Wind' Habitats Assessment Case: Mitigation and avoidance measures can no longer be taken into account when determining whether full habitats assessment is required for projects
  • BELGIUM: New Soil Clean-Up Statute in the Walloon Region: Less stringent decontamination standards set to incentivise clean-up works
  • CHINA: Recent Developments in the Hong Kong Green Bond Market: New $100bn green bond issuance programme and grant scheme established
  • NETHERLANDS: Exiting Coal in the Netherlands: Dutch Government proposes a new phased ban on coal-fired power generation
  • UK: Open Cast Mine Rejected on Grounds of Climate Change Impact: Possibility that applicants for development projects will need to consider supply chain impacts

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