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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance


Antitrust in China and across the region: Quarterly Update October to December 2015

3 February 2016

In this issue:

Over the course of 2015, MOFCOM reviewed as many filings as the European Commission, but imposed remedies in only two cases, compared to twenty remedy cases in Europe.

Over the last quarter, enforcement levels at NDRC and SAIC were relatively modest – the most significant case being NDRC's fine of RMB 407 million (approx USD 61.8 million) imposed on eight international shipping companies for price fixing.

Outside China, the previous quarter saw the cross-sector Competition Ordinance finally come into force in Hong Kong and in India, the courts overturned a 2012 decision of the CCI imposing India's highest ever cartel fine (INR 63 billion, which is approximately USD 940 million).

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