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Arcus Pride Art 2022 – Amsterdam<br />

Arcus Pride Art 2022 – Amsterdam

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Clifford Chance Amsterdam and MAPA Fine Art proudly present the Arcus Pride Art Exhibition 2022. A collection of diverse artworks in different mediums by a group of distinguished and emerging LGBT+ artists based in the Netherlands. The exhibition will run throughout June at Clifford Chance’s beautiful Amsterdam office.

Artists have often been among the most marginalised people in society, and this goes especially for those belonging to the queer community. Their work often serves as a way to express their identities or cope with the injustices they face and have faced.

The artworks in this exhibition have been curated carefully to represent a wide range of different artists and art forms, and the majority have been created by the artists especially for this show in the past few months. The contrast in colour and style of the artworks creates a sense of unity in diversity.

With this exhibition, our aim is not only to showcase and celebrate the incredible talent of these artists, but also to encourage everyone to embrace their full and true selves and show solidarity in an environment where it is not always easy to be open and out.


Amsterdam Rainbow Dress

2016, Arnout van Krimpen, Matthijs van Bergen, Oeri van Woezik, Jochem Kaan, Collection Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress is a living work of art, made of all the national flags from countries where being LGBTIQ+ is illegal, on penalty of imprisonment, torture or capital punishment. When a country adopts LGBTIQ+ inclusive legislation, the respective flag shall be replaced with a rainbow flag.

With national and international presentations, our ongoing photo series and educational workshops the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress Foundation stimulates awareness. We focus on LGBTI+ human rights and the situation of those who are displaced because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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About Arcus

Arcus is our global inclusive employee network open to all Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans*, Intersex, Queer people and their Allies​​​. Arcus aims to encourage an inclusive and integrated culture within Clifford Chance that gives colleagues the choice to be open and out.

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