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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance
Arcus Pride Art Exhibition 2019<br />

Arcus Pride Art Exhibition 2019


2019 marks the second year of Tokyo's participation in Clifford Chance's international Pride Art events. The exhibition will be held on 27 June this year at our office in Marunouchi. We look forward to welcoming our clients to enjoy the presentation of works by local artists against the backdrop of the Imperial Palace.

The exhibition juxtaposes corporate Japan, tradition and the important themes of diversity and inclusiveness. We would like to thank artists Shun Sudo, Nari Yamashina and Towa Takaya, and curator Masashi Ozaki for their collaboration and support in making this event happen.

Shun Sudo

Shun Sudo is an artist based in New York and Tokyo performing various creative activities. He performed as a child actor on Kabuki stages. This experience inspired him to be deeply interested in such art form later in his life especially when he was living abroad. Shun's work has a strong impact from his ambivalent background, consisting of delicate touch of ink painting, POP taste of the Street art, and inspiration from Japanimation. Ever since his first solo exhibition in New York "PAINT OVER" held in 2015, Shun Sudo has participated in various international art fairs and his works have been highly rated by galleries and collectors.



acrylic on canvas

© 2019 Shun Sudo

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Nari Yamashina

Nari is a Tokyo-based artist/illustrator born in Shonan area of Kanagawa, Japan. Her unique style features expressionless people with only mouths, inviting viewers to use their own stories to the piece. Revolving around a central theme of "crude humanity" and 2laid-back lifestyles", Nari's work never fails to elicit smiles with its charms and carefree attitude. The subjects of her work can be viewed as all different race and nationalities, representing an ideal world of peace and equality. Since her debut on Instagram in 2014, her artwork has quickly gained popularity both online and offline.

Towa Takaya

Born in 1992, Tokyo. Currently based in Tokyo. Moved to London in 2011 and studied art and design in Central Saint Martins school of Art. Graduated from Goldsmiths, University of Arts London with a bachelor's degree in Art in 2016. Her paintings whose uniqueness appears by elegant lines and mystic colors are rooted in trans-disciplinary thoughts from spatial to time and existence.

Takaya has been focusing on painting as well as exporting digital medium including filming and Virtual Reality. She expands her art practice to other creative fields, cooperating as art supervision for filmmaking and other commercial works. She participated in group exhibitions: ART FAIR TOKYO 2019 at Tokyo International Forum: Smile of Flowers in 2018, Kobayashi Gallery, Tokyo: Adobe Max Japan 2017 at PACIFICO YOKOHAMA: TSUNAGARI Project at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo: Enter in 2016 at exhibition room of Daigaku Kaikan, University of the Arts, Tokyo: ON the THRESHOLD II : Formal Presence in 2016 at Oriental museum in Darham, UK.