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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance
Arcus Pride Art Exhibition 2019<br />

Arcus Pride Art Exhibition 2019


2019 marks the third year of Germany's participation in the Arcus Pride Art series. Following highly successful events in Frankfurt and Munich, this year's exhibition will be held in Düsseldorf, at Sammlung Philara. As in previous years, the event welcomes both our colleagues and clients throughout the region.

Philara's ever expanding collection – currently at around 1,400 works – spans various media which include painting, sculpture, installations, photography and paper works. Philara's approach is to juxtapose the local artistic offspring with established, internationally active artists.


Nevin Aladağ

Pattern Matching (flowers red)

carpet collage, metal, nylon

2012 © Nevin Aladağ

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Nevin Aladağ

Colors, dots and stripes

metal, nylon

016/2017 © Nevin Aladağ

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Cody Choi

Difference is beautiful

light installation, neon

2010/2011 © Cody Choi

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Laure Prouvost

Cooling system (for global warming)

sculpture/installation, murano glass, wood, watercolour

2017 © Laure Prouvost

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