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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance
Arcus Pride Art Exhibition 2019<br />

Arcus Pride Art Exhibition 2019


2019 marks 50 years since the Stonewall uprising and our exhibition 'We are our own story' explores the personal struggles and triumphs of the Australian LGBTQI community. This exhibition is proudly hosted by Clifford Chance and J.P. Morgan.

'We are our own story' features 12 artists including:

  • Kim Leutwyler, third-time finalist in the prestigious Archibald art prize as well as being a finalist in the Sulman and Churchie national art prizes, as well as the Portia Geach Memorial Award.
  • Guy James Whitworth is an award-winning artist known for his activism as he is for his art, with previous exhibitions provoking observations around LGBTQI inequalities, social justice and community-engagement.
  • Samuel Luke Beatty is an emerging artist who uses storytelling and the metaphor of space exploration across graphic narratives to discuss complexities of gender identity in relation to his own experiences as a transgender man.

'We are our own story' will be presented by Dolly Diamond, international cabaret and comedy act, who over the last decade has lent her face and name to raise public awareness around major Australian campaigns and in support of many causes.

Clifford Chance is a proud recipient of Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) Silver Status for LGBTI Workplace Inclusion.


Douglas Schofield

They say water the garden and it will rain (2017)

acrylic and oil on canvas

Douglas Schofield is a Sydney-based emerging artist, practicing in painting and printmaking. His abstract work draws reference from gardens and other sites of curated Nature. These spaces and associated gardening activities are considered curious interactions with the organic world. Schofield’s work is playful and flamboyant. He aims to conjure a garden atmosphere, softly gesturing towards ideas of human-impacted Nature.

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Sarah Louise Badcock

The Pain Tree series (2019)

ink on paper

Sarah is a multimedia artist with experience in poetry-writing, painting, photography, drawing, film-making and textiles. She is based in Tasmania and when not making art, spends her time dressing up in costume for charity, and learning how to look after bees. Her work, The Pain Tree, tells the story of a girl who learns that sometimes something positive can grow out of painful emotions.

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Jake Cruz

Bhajune #1 (2019)

MEPYX markers on paper

Cruz uses illustrations to create characters from himself. His works look at his own personal life experiences as a queer male as well as derogatory homophobic behaviours and examines the origins they stem from, establishing a confident ownership.

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Jimmy Twin

Fragile Masculinity (2019)

acrylic on canvas

Jimmy is a Melbourne-based writer, artist and comic creator who recently published a children's book 'The Teddy Who Received No Hugs' through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Jimmy won the 2017 Laird Hotel 'Men on Men' art competition and based on his volunteer work curating LGBTIQ visual arts events was a finalist for the 2017 GLOBE Volunteer of the Year. This is the third year Jimmy will curate the Clifford Chance Sydney Pride Art exhibition.

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Khale McHurst


digital work

Khale McHurst is an autobiographical comic artist from Melbourne, writing stories about mental health, relationships and queerness. Her long-running works include 'I Do Not Have An Eating Disorder', 'Polyamory Isn't for Everyone' and 'TRIGGERED: A Story of PTSD, a Plebiscite, and the Patriarchy'.

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GWA (Wade Goring)

DeVoid (2019)

digital illustration on canvas

GWA (aka Wade Goring) is an illustrator and digital painter. His art is influenced by and comments on queer culture, comic art, street art, pop art, pop surrealism, cinema, concept design and advertising.

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Stephen Mooney

Us (2019)

digital print

Stephen has spent the last 30 years immersed in the printing world and is relatively new to exhibiting his artwork. Inspired by the ever-growing street art scene in Melbourne, he started to put his passion for design into digital artistry and various forms of social media.

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Vivienne Wright

You are my Air (2017)

digital print

Vivienne Wright is a 27-year-old Queer and gender diverse individual with a lifelong passion for artistic expression. They originate from W.A., and over the years has lived from Melbourne, to Sydney and now Perth, studying and soaking up the artistic culture on the way. Vivienne has a very broad art style and a love for experimenting, never satisfied with staying stagnant, so you can always expect something different reflected in their work.

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