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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance

Arcus Pride Art Exhibition 2019

Hong Kong

Now in its fifth year, Arcus Pride Art in Hong Kong aims to bring together the city's LGBT+ professionals and their allies in a celebration of diversity and inclusion.

The evening has evolved into one of our most highly-anticipated events with our firm's people, its clients, and our peers in the legal sector getting together in support of the diverse community in which we live and work. This year we welcome back Red Chamber Gallery, which has curated a bespoke collection of thought provoking works in different mediums.

Founded in 2012, Red Chamber Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Hong Kong. The gallery represents both established and emerging Hong Kong, Asian, and international artists who disseminate their artistic and cultural experience and vision through different media.

Desmond Lo

Desmond graduated from the University of Westminster, London in 2012, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Animation. He then acquired a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong in 2014. 

The neo-noir photographs and renderings take the viewer on a unique visual journey of Hong Kong, where he grows up with. The high density of high-rise buildings with little alleyways somewhat shaped the citizens' living habit and behaviour. This led him to wonder, 'what would the city be after a few decades?'. 

The realistic yet illusionistic, and dystopian city sceneries that Desmond created hence holds a resemblance of his childhood memories in a projected reality. Drawing inspiration from Blade Runner and other cyberpunk works, these works are more than standard street photography of Hong Kong, they are CGI renders of environments and cityscapes.


Keyon Lo

Where is home?

digital and mixed media mounted on acrylic

2017 © Keyon Lo

Keyon was born in Hong Kong and holds an honors degree in Fashion and Textile Design. He creates his artworks by different digital means, and often paints and sculpts on objects and digitalizes them for refinements. His artworks present distinctive colors and he believes that aesthetic beauty is an important element to preserve in every piece of his work. He aspires to create artworks that explore the meaning of life. Keyon has exhibited in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and San Francisco and one of his artworks has recently been selected in the UNECSO “ColourMeIn” campaign for roving exhibitions in Asia and is now being displayed in Morrison & Foerster San Francisco office during SF pride.

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About the artwork


Szabotage is a street artist exhibiting internationally, Szabotage's works has been shown in London and throughout Asia, with sold out exhibitions and solo shows, and numerous collaborative projects. As well as being known for his street art, Szabotage's body of work ranges from canvas portraits, interiors, cars, motorbikes and sculptures. 

His pieces incorporate bright colours mixed with popular cultural references. Szabotage challenges typical canvas limitations, through upcycling and recycling and has created pieces using deconstructed metal cans and wood, sculptures from the tops and bottoms of aerosol cans, and constructed frames made from tin. 

The artist is best recognized by his signature Koi fish. An iconic symbol of strength, adversity and good fortune, the Koi features heavily throughout his work.


Tim Jules (Kaidusa)

Trumpet Face

watercolour on cold press paper

2019 © Tim Jules

Tim Jules, also known as Kaidusa, was born in Geel, Belgium and flown to Shanghai when he was one month old. The cross roads of travel, culture, and identity forms the integral back bone of his body of work. Growing up and living in 6 different countries as a third culture kid, Kaidusa began dabbling in art while attending high school in Cairo, Egypt. He attended Santa Monica College in Los Angeles before transferring and graduating from Paris College of Art in 2016 with a BFA in Illustration. Since then he has worked as a freelance illustrator for design firms and recently ventured into commission work for private clients around the world. The love of nature and all these experiences when coping with complexities from various cultures have reinvigorated his passion for painting, especially in watercolors through which Kaidusa express himself as a nomadic LGBT artist and illustrator.

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