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Clifford Chance launches virtual legal internship programme across four continents

7 July 2020

Clifford Chance launches virtual legal internship programme across four continents

International law firm Clifford Chance has today announced that its global virtual internships that will be open to students across the UK, EMEA, the Americas and APAC. The internships will be open to students from the beginning of August 2020 and will run in partnership with InsideSherpa, an e-learning technology company and support from the University of York around developing problem-based learning programmes.

Through the collaboration of lawyers from across the firm's global network to create the curriculum for the internships, students will get an opportunity to experience first-hand working at an international law firm. The internships will consist of between six and 12 hours of content with each internship focused on a topical, global issues and client work, including climate change, human rights and cyber security.

Within each internship, students will undergo a series of activities and tasks which replicate the type of work they would undertake as a lawyer. Students will have access to guidance materials and video content recorded by Partners and Senior Associates across the participating offices to help them with the tasks and to submit work.

Laura Yeates, Clifford Chance Head of Graduate Talent, said "By hosting the internships online and making them accessible to a wider audience, we expect the participants to be the most internationally and socio-economically diverse group of students that we have ever welcomed. By removing any financial or physical constraints on the students' participation we are offering a programme and introduction to law that is both internationally-focused and accessible to all."

Jeroen Ouwehand, Clifford Chance Senior Partner and the programme's senior sponsor, said "Despite the disruption and uncertainty caused by Covid-19, we are committed to providing students across our key markets with the opportunity to experience Clifford Chance's unique culture and get a better understanding of a career in the law – albeit in a different way."

The internships are free and open to all students from the participating regions regardless of their degree, background university or year of study. Students can take part in the internships at their own pace and there is no deadline or requirement to finish, however those that successfully complete the programme will receive a certificate from the Clifford Chance Academy.

The launch of the internship programme comes after Clifford Chance decided to run its annual vacation scheme and SPARK scheme for first year students online in preparation for the uncertainty and disturbance caused by the coronavirus. The decision to take the schemes online has been received positively by both students and applicants.

For more information on the internships, please get in touch with the Graduate Recruitment Team.