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Clifford Chance focuses on sustainability and innovative working model for its new offices in Milan

18 September 2019

Clifford Chance focuses on sustainability and innovative working model for its new offices in Milan

  • The main objectives of the project are maximising customer value and the potential expressed by the firm's professionals
  • Technology, sustainability, space reconfiguration: some of the elements characterising the new offices
  • A custom-designed spatial model that combines collaboration and concentration

Clifford Chance announces its move to the new Milan offices located in via Broletto 16, close to Piazza Cordusio, an area which is recently subject to renovation and continuous construction development.

The new offices, designed to accommodate approximately 140 people, represent a clear sign of investment in the Italian market and confirm the relevance of the Italian practice, at the forefront in adopting innovative models in the legal sector, and not only.

The key concept of the new location is built around the distinctive 'flow space' paradigm, used by Clifford Chance to describe the offices and the work model chosen and designed for its people. It is a 'fluid' work environment, which increases the potential of people. This working model allows the choice between a variety of closed and open spaces and meets the need for confidentiality and privacy, as well as collaboration and cross-team and cross-work.

Some of the key elements that have driven Clifford Chance in the design of the new Milan office are advanced technology, forefront lighting system, modularity and reconfigurability of spaces. Clifford Chance chose a prestigious building owned by Invesco Real Estate, subject of a complete requalification, in line with the highest quality and environmental sustainability standards in the world. 'Broletto16' is in fact one of the few LEED PLATINUM buildings (pre-certification of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in the historic centre of Milan and pursues levels of excellence in terms of sustainability.

"The project is part of a broader context of strategic renewal that we are pursuing as a Law Firm with the aim of continuously strengthening our positioning in the Italian market and boosting on our distinctive assets, first and foremost our customers and our people", commented Giuseppe De Palma, Managing Partner of Clifford Chance for Italy.

"Since the beginning, the drivers that inspired the project have been the analysis of data and internal evidence on the use of space. We observed the needs of the market, especially of our customers, prospects and young talents", stated Micol Scabbia, General Manager of Clifford Chance for Italy.

Five floors of 'Broletto16' (out of a total of seven) are dedicated to Clifford Chance: from the third to the seventh, including two communicating office floors, one exclusively designed for customers and external guests, and a floor dedicated to the people, which offers several services, such as gym, recharge area, bar and outdoor spaces.

"We have developed a new and highly distinctive spatial and working model compared to the traditional concept of offices in the legal sector, with the ambition of making it an example to export in Italy and abroad", continued Micol Scabbia.

"Our drivers have always been the priorities of our customers, the ability to provide innovative solutions and the quality of the work environment for our people – added Giuseppe De Palma – I am convinced that 'Broletto16' will allow us to improve this further and help us maintaining the level of specialisations as our distinctive character, while creating new and stronger synergies between practices and teams".

'Broletto16' took over two years for its realisation, thanks to an great team work, the establishment of three internal committees involving about 50 people inside the Firm - between partners, managers and collaborators - with the support of external consultants including the architecture firm ReValue which designed the offices, CBRE real estate consultancy company and the change management company Methodos.