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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance
The Clifford Chance Careers Podcast<br />

The Clifford Chance Careers Podcast

Hear from our team

Take a Chance: Paralegal Apprentice to Supervisory Paralegal

Our 'Take a Chance' series - provides an insight into the paralegal apprenticeship offering at Clifford Chance, the support available, the knowledge you gain once you join the firm and the benefits and progression opportunities available.

Daniel Maddison, Supervisory Paralegal at Clifford Chance provides some top tips and key lessons learnt throughout his time at the firm so far. Daniel and host Kiran Kaur Sohal reflect on how feedback can help you grow and how important it is to take on the opportunities.

Please note that the views and opinions expressed in our podcasts do not necessarily reflect the position of Clifford Chance. 


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