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The Clifford Chance Careers Podcast<br />

The Clifford Chance Careers Podcast

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Celebrating Culture: East and South East Asian (ESEA) Heritage Month

The Celebrating Culture podcast series, led by REACH, our network for race equality and celebrating heritage recognises the cultures that make us who we are and that shape the diversity of voices at Clifford Chance.

This episode is to mark East and South East Asian (ESEA) Heritage Month. Associate Jessica Kung speaks to Senior Associate Selina Lau, who is also one of the co-founders of Voice ESEA.

Voice ESEA is an organisation that seeks to eliminate racial discrimination against East and Southeast Asians by educating about and amplifying their voices within the community.

Selina shares her experiences as a Chinese person living in the UK during the pandemic, and how that motivated her to co-found Voice ESEA. Selina also shares some practical suggestions for organisations to be more inclusive of colleagues of East and Southeast Asian heritage.

Please note that the views and opinions expressed in our podcasts do not necessarily reflect the position of Clifford Chance. 


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