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Celebrating Culture Episode 1: Dharma Day

The firm's network for advancing race equality and celebrating heritage, the UK REACH Network, presents the Celebrating Culture podcast series. Our aim is to celebrate and highlight the cultures that make us who we are and that shape the diversity of experiences and voices at Clifford Chance. In each episode, we focus on a cultural celebration, festival or event and we explore the historical context that has led to the different ways that we celebrate different parts of our firm's culture.

In this episode, Adam Suleman, Recruitment Specialist, speaks with Suryagupta Dharmacharini, Chair of the London Buddhist Centre, about the Buddhist celebration of Dharma Day and how the London Buddhist Centre has responded to recent events relating to Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter. They also discuss the origins of Buddhism and Suryagupta's personal journey to becoming a Buddhist.

Please note that the views and opinions expressed in our podcasts do not necessarily reflect the position of Clifford Chance.